April 30, 2024

In the bustling metropolis of Metro Manila, keeping up with the urban environment requires a blend of adaptability, resourcefulness, and a willingness to navigate the intricacies of living in a fast-paced city.

Utilizing its strong and equal Filipino and Japanese partnership, Federal Land NRE Global Inc. (FNG) aspires to be the market leader of the real estate industry while redefining urban living through its developments.

Fusing Japanese innovation with Filipino sensibility, FNG is guided by its sustainability principles and forward-thinking design in the development of its new projects. The joint venture between the Philippines’ Federal Land Inc. and Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development brings carefully defined brand pillars and a visionary approach aiming to reshape urban living.

Well-thought-out design, architecture, and features are also integrated into FNG’s projects. The importance of Japanese identity in their property developments is underscored in their properties’ ample living spaces, modernized amenities, and nature-inspired landscapes.

As a company built on a partnership, collaboration lies at the heart of FNG’s successful ventures, enabling innovation, growth, and progress. Through shared expertise, resources, and vision, this partnership supersedes cultural and geographical boundaries, bringing together different perspectives and skills helpful in developing properties.

With FNG placing the people at the heart of its vision, they take a comprehensive approach to understanding people’s needs and striving to build sustainable urban communities that foster thriving families.

FNG’s masterplanned communities are designed to cater to every aspect of life. They offer residents the opportunity to live, play, socialize, work, and settle down, all within the confines of a carefully curated environment with convenient proximity to transportation hubs and employment opportunities

These features, amenities, and principles are all showcased in some of the company’s most noteworthy projects that embody a distinct vision for modern living and urban life. Through partnership and a commitment to excellence, these developments serve as examples of what collaborative efforts can achieve in redefining the landscape of urban living.

Yume at Riverpark, a residential neighborhood within Federal Land’s Riverpark community in General Trias Cavite, is a haven of Japanese inspiration tailored to starting families. This residential enclave fuses the Japanese culture and design with sensible Filipino family requirements. A diverse range of residential options, with lot sizes ranging from 300 to 527 square meters (sq.m.) ensure home-buyers find their ideal home within Riverpark’s thriving community.

For residents seeking an escape from the busy streets of Manila, Yume at Riverpark offers relaxing and rejuvenating features such as a wellness spa, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. For more active residents looking to break a sweat, outdoor fitness zones, multipurpose court, and jogging paths provide ample opportunities to engage in invigorating workouts.

Family-friendly amenities perfect for bonding are present in the township as well. Features such as their open lawn, multipurpose hall, function room, and lounges are perfect for family celebrations while their clubhouses, pocket parks, and kids’ play areas are enjoyable for children.

The Observatory in Mandaluyong City caters to the different preferences of its residents for a contemporary retreat from the metropolis. The property integrates modernity with an inviting retreat, promising a holistic urban living experience.

The 4.5-hectare mixed-use development is strategically located in close proximity to major Central Business Districts in the country. The Observatory in Mandaluyong will offer a spectrum of unit sizes spanning from compact studios at 28-33.5 sq.m. to expansive penthouses at 155.5-205 sq.m.

These noteworthy projects aspire to create a serene and rejuvenating environment for Filipinos to thrive in. The properties are also located in areas with escalating land values as evidenced by Colliers data, highlighting the area’s investment potential and offering residents not just a home, but a sound investment for the future.

FNG also has additional projects spanning various locations across the archipelago pipelined for the coming years. Developments in Cebu and the Manila Bay area are expected to usher in a new era of contemporary living in these locations.

From lavish amenities for relaxation and recreation to family-friendly spaces perfect for bonding, FNG properties provide a holistic living experience that brings their residences to the next level. With a commitment to connectivity, technology, and community-building, FNG is reshaping urban landscapes and fostering sustainable and thriving communities where residents can truly thrive.

As Federal Land and Nomura Real Estate Development continue their partnership under the banner of FNG, they remain dedicated to their shared vision of enhancing lives and redefining urban living, one development at a time.

To discover more about FNG and its projects, visit www.fng.ph.