Building Futures Together

Artist’s Perspective


Federal Land NRE Global Inc. (FNG) is a powerhouse joint venture between Federal Land Inc. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd -- two real estate giants in the Philippines and Japan. FNG has been formed in the spirit of equal partnership and respect between the Philippines and Japan to create new value.

Alfred Ty, Federal Land Chairman and Eiji Kutsukake, Nomura Real Estate Holdings Chair.

FNG: Building Futures Together

Our Leaders


Yume at Riverpark

Encompassing 18 hectares of expansive grounds, Yume at Riverpark unfolds as a sprawling horizontal residential enclave nestled within the FNG District of Riverpark, seamlessly integrating urban conveniences and suburban tranquility.

The Observatory

The Observatory is a 4.5-hectare mixed-use development strategically located in close proximity to major CBDs. It is a refreshing modern retreat that is complete, convenient, and comfortable.

Met Park Pasay

Met Park Pasay, nestled in the bustling Bay Area, reimagines modern living with a youthful and balanced touch.