September 3, 2023
Written by: Johannes Chua
Manila Bulletin

The merging of two distinct identities can lead to various outcomes, but it’s always an exciting development to see what may emerge, especially when we combine the best qualities of each.

This fusion is now embodied in Federal Land NRE Global, Inc., or simply FNG, a new entity born from the combined expertise of the Philippines’ Federal Land, Inc. and Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

In essence, FNG represents a potent blend capable of reshaping the Philippine landscape and elevating urban living simultaneously. And why not? FNG brings together Federal Land’s formidable five-decade real estate expertise with the innovation and design sensibility courtesy of Nomura.

From left: Tom Mirasol, Federal Land COO and president; Yusuke Hirano, FNG vice chairman; Ar. Gilbert Berba, FNG head of Urban Planning and Design Group; and Yasuhiro Ohira, FNG senior management advisor.


According to a media statement, “The union brings together a century of combined expertise, a testament to their shared commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centricity.”

At the core of FNG’s endeavors lie its brand pillars and a visionary approach aimed at redefining urban living.

“FNG’s brand pillars reflect the harmonious amalgamation of Japanese innovation and Filipino sensibility. These pillars, underscored by principles of sustainability and forward-thinking design, guide the development of each project.”

First, is “Japanese” — drawing inspiration from Nomura’s heritage and expertise in developing residential developments. Thus, FNG aims to provide the next level of living experience to the local real estate market.


“From project concept and design, the seamless integration of nature into the development, to the Japanese cultural trait of putting clients at the forefront, FNG prioritizes the creation of spaces that cater to the diverse needs of modern urban dwellers.”

Second is “innovation.” FNG will integrate Japanese innovation into its projects through well thought-of design, architecture, and features. This infusion of innovation results in developments that are not only visually appealing but also ensures a seamless and comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Last, is “collaboration” — FNG will continue to forge partnerships with local and global brands, companies, and individuals to better enhance its future communities.

Trio of noteworthy projects

FNG’s commitment to redefining urban living manifests through its three noteworthy projects that are much anticipated by the market.

Clubhouse dropoff area of Riverpark Cavite.

First is Riverpark Cavite, a residential neighborhood within Federal Land’s Riverpark community, which introduces a Japanese-inspired haven for starting families. With lot sizes ranging from 300 to 527 sq.m., this residential enclave harmonizes the aesthetics of Japanese design with contemporary requirements. The future neighborhood’s aspiration is to create a rejuvenating environment for families to thrive.


Quiet lounge of Met Park Pasay.


Second is Met Park Pasay, which is located in the Bay Area. This mixed-use neighborhood, which reimagines modern living with a youthful touch, offers unit sizes catering to diverse lifestyles, from compact studio units to three-bedroom penthouses.

Third is The Observatory, situated in Mandaluyong City. It presents a modern retreat in a strategic location. With unit sizes spanning from compact studios to penthouses, this development caters to diverse preferences. It integrates modernity with an inviting retreat, promising a holistic urban living experience.


Artist’s perspective of FNG’s The Observatory in Mandaluyong

Elevating lifestyles

“FNG emerges as a pioneering force with a shared mission of creating vibrant, sustainable, and innovative communities. The convergence of Federal Land, Inc. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is more than a partnership; it’s a promise of a new lifestyle, a higher standard of living, and a future defined by quality and excellence,” according to FNG executives.

“With FNG’s vision and brand pillars at the forefront, the fusion of Japanese and Filipino sensibilities will create spaces that inspire, nurture, and elevate lives.”

With all these projects set to rise in the near future, we are certainly spoiled, not only with choices but with the very best the world has to offer.