September 1, 2023

It is a partnership with dynamic possibilities.

Combining Filipino creativity with Japanese ingenuity, real-estate giants Federal Land, Inc. of the Philippines and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (NRE) of Japan set up last year Federal Land NRE Global, Inc. or FNG.

This week, the company which ostensibly combines Japanese building technology and Filipino market knowledge, unveiled its latest projects in the cities of Mandaluyong, Pasay and Cavite.


The Observatory Mandaluyong

The Observatory presents a modern retreat in a strategic locale, emphasizing convenience and comfort. With unit sizes spanning from compact studios at ±26-33 sqm to expansive penthouses at ±155-202 sqm, this development caters to diverse preferences.

Historical data from Leechiu Property Consultants reveal a consistent price increase in vertical developments in Mandaluyong, highlighting the area’s investment potential. The Observatory  Mandaluyong integrates modernity with an inviting retreat, promising a holistic urban living experience.

Met Park Pasay

Met Park Pasay, nestled in the bustling Bay Area, reimagines modern living with a youthful and balanced touch. This mixed-use neighborhood offers a spectrum of unit sizes catering to diverse lifestyles, from compact studio units at ±31-32 sqm to spacious three-bedroom penthouses at ±152-220 sqm.

The escalating land values in the Bay Area, as evidenced by Colliers data, signal a growing interest in strategic land-banking approaches among real estate stakeholders.

Riverpark Cavite

Located in Cavite, Federal Land’s Riverpark community introduces a Japanese-inspired haven tailored to starting families. Embracing lot sizes ranging from ±300-527 sqm, this residential enclave harmonizes the aesthetics of Japanese design with contemporary family requirements.


Company built on collaboration. From left are: Tom Mirasol, Federal Land chief operating officer and president; Yusuke Hirano, FNG vice chairman; Ar. Gilbert M. Berba, FNG head of urban planning and design group; and Yasuhiro Ohira, FNG senior management advisor


Colliers Philippines’ Q2 2022 survey underscores the sustained interest in residential properties beyond Metro Manila, particularly in horizontal developments. The future neighborhood’s aspiration is to create a serene and rejuvenating environment for families to thrive.

Getting the best of the best

No doubt about it, these two leading real estate companies in their own countries joined forces precisely to create a new, more dynamic, and more future-responsive company. Dubbed as a “perfect synergy,” the company sees a “combined century of impressive local and international real estate experience, outstanding business performance, and comprehensive expertise in all aspects of property development and management.”

FNG aims to integrate the best of Japanese innovation, technology, and design with Federal Land’s extensive knowledge of the Philippine market and solid reputation for well-built and innovative properties located in key cities of the country.

“This is a perfect marriage of vision and values,” explained Thomas Mirasol, Federal Land president and COO, at a media briefing. “We share a common long-term outlook, anchored on creating world-class developments that enrich the way people live. It’s a true synergy wherein we raise each other’s performance, whether in architecture, technology, construction, management, or most importantly, to the quality of service rendered to our customers.”

The joint venture aims to elevate the living experience of customers through the unique fusion of Japanese innovation with Filipino sensibility in its soon-to-be-seen developments. FNG differentiates itself through its push for sustainable smart cities, the presence of Japanese concepts, and its client-first mindset.

Through this strategic partnership, Federal Land’s local foothold is bolstered by NRE’s world-class prowess. With this new company, Yusuke Hirano, Nomura Real Estate Development executive officer, said: “we aim to make a difference. We want to create real-estate solutions that will elevate the living experience of customers to a higher level.”

Crafting a vision

Federal Land, Inc., with over five decades of experience, stands as an influential contributor to the Philippine urban landscape. As a subsidiary of GT Capital Holdings, the company has consistently redefined city living through innovative residential developments, commercial spaces, office buildings, hotels, and integrated communities.

Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with its roots extending back to the 1950s, boasts a strong reputation in Japan’s real estate realm. It is engaged in a range of activities including residential development, leasing, investment management, property brokerage, and facility management.

Elevating urban living

FNG’s brand pillars reflect the amalgamation of Japanese innovation and Filipino sensibility. These pillars are underscored by principles of sustainability and forward-thinking design.

Japanese: drawing inspiration from Nomura Real Estate Development’s Japanese heritage and their expertise in developing residential developments, FNG aims to provide the next level of living experience to the local real estate market. From project concept and design, the seamless integration of nature into the development, to the Japanese cultural trait of putting clients at the forefront, FNG prioritizes the creation of spaces that cater to the diverse needs of modern urban dwellers.

Innovation: FNG integrates Japanese innovation into its projects through well thought-of design, architecture, and features. This infusion of innovation results in developments that are not only visually appealing but also, ensuring a seamless and comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Collaboration: as a company built on collaboration, FNG will continue to forge partnerships with local and global brands, companies, and individuals to better enhance its future communities.