March 22, 2024
Written by: Pamela Emperial
The Philippine Star

The province of Cavite, with its rich history and evolving urban fabric, is currently witnessing an era of unparalleled growth and transformation. Leading this wave of progress is General Trias, evolving rapidly into a beacon of innovation and development. In the heart of this vibrant expansion, Federal Land’s visionary township, Riverpark, epitomizes the seamless integration of natural landscapes with urban living, symbolizing the new era of suburban tranquility merged with urban conveniences.

Cavite’s ascent is underscored by its economic vitality and strategic location. The City of General Trias is a first-class component city in the province with a total land area of 117.68 square kilometers and is subdivided into 33 barangays. It was originally named San Francisco de Malabon, after its Patron Saint, Francis of Assisi. The original name of the town was changed in honor of Gen. Mariano Trias.

Yume at Riverpark Dropoff 


Cities like General Trias are experiencing substantial population growth due to their burgeoning economies and appeal as commercial and residential epicenters. This expansion is a mirror to Cavite’s overall economic health, with the region marking significant strides ahead of others in development


General Mariano Trias 

The strategic drive to enhance tourism, with General Trias at the core of the fourth tourism nodal point, highlights its potential for industrial and commercial growth. Additionally, extensive infrastructure development including major roadways and expressways like CAVITEX, Skyway, MCX, and Daang-Hari Road with planned major connections to CALAX is significantly boosting the city’s connectivity and allure for both businesses and families.


The next gen city in GenTri

Riverpark, Federal Land’s flagship project in General Trias, dubbed “The Next Gen City of the South,” is a testament to the modern-day township. Spanning 600 hectares, it’s designed to foster smart living in a comprehensive community setting. With amenities ranging from residential units and commercial lots to schools and church, it’s a holistic environment cradled by rivers and green spaces

Clubhouse Dropoff Yume at Riverpark 

Riverpark’s strategic placement within General Trias capitalizes on the city’s status as a burgeoning growth center, benefiting from significant infrastructure projects that enhance its link to Metro Manila and beyond. The integration of green spaces into the urban design of Riverpark underscores a commitment to a lifestyle balanced between tranquility and urban convenience.

Swimming Pool Yume at Riverpark 


Growth through partnership

A significant part of Riverpark’s allure stems from the partnership between Federal Land and Japan’s Nomura Real Estate Development, embodied in Federal Land NRE Global, Inc. (FNG). This collaboration heralds a new standard of living, marrying Filipino creativity with Japanese precision, and setting the stage for unique community-centric developments.

Multi-purpose Room Yume at Riverpark


Within the expanse of Riverpark lies Yume, a Japanese-inspired neighborhood promising a low-density living environment conducive to family growth and community bonding. Spanning 18 hectares, Yume at Riverpark prioritizes communal spaces, safety, and mobility, with lot sizes ranging to accommodate modern family needs, scheduled for turnover by 2026.


Riverpark Central Park 

Yume at Riverpark represents more than just residential space; it’s a testament to FNG’s dedication to blending nature with architecture and preserving the area’s natural beauty while introducing modern Japanese design principles. This “dream” enclave is set to become a hallmark of community building and environmental stewardship, reflecting the merger of Filipino hospitality with Japanese quality and efficiency.

Yume at Riverpark is a direct reflection of FNG’s vision to create a neighborhood that fosters family growth and community interaction within a serene, nature-integrated setting. By developing a fraction of the total land area and dedicating the rest to open spaces and natural landscapes, Yume stands as a model for sustainable development.


Parallel growth of Cavite and Federal Land

The development roadmap for Riverpark includes not only the expansion of its residential and commercial offerings but also the integration of community-centric facilities such as an adventure park, educational institutions, and church. These developments are poised to further elevate the living experience within the community and contribute to the overall growth and dynamism of General Trias.

Ultimately, the collaboration between the growth dynamics of General Trias and the innovative planning of Federal Land’s Riverpark, particularly with the development of FNG’s Yume, epitomizes the ongoing transformation in Cavite. Riverpark is not merely a development; it is a paradigm shift towards sustainable, integrated living, marking General Trias as a pivotal hub in Cavite’s narrative of growth and modernization. As the city ascends as a key growth center, projects like Riverpark and Yume are poignant testimonials to the region’s bright future and the evolving definition of community and home.



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